pushka - agra - varanasi

  • 2 min lasīšanai
agra..as much Taj Mahal gives you agra takes it away..nasty city.. not a good energy..got there early in the morning..got off local bus and appear on the rainy and dirty street in the middle of nowhere..all alone..hate having a guide but in agra you have no chose..don't really care about facts..what i see and feel is important..hate having someone talking and annoying me all the time..bla bla bla..i travel alone and i like to be on my own..but..pick up one rikshow driver hoping he's gonna show me a good time..he was not..but still i had have good moments..when i was alone sitting there at the back of taj..there on the field..looking at it..it was so powerfull..so beautiful.. went to small Taj too.. Marble handycraft manufactory..impressive.. then back to my dirty hotel room in the midle of some motobikes repair area..full of indian students standing there behind my door and touching it..gigling untill 2 at night..scary scary.. had my train leaving at 6 in the mornig going to Mughal Sarai (not even to varanasi)..but here i am on the train with a waiting list ticket in a sleeper..and for about 2 hours iwas walking alonge the train,and none would let me to sit anywhere..- you cant sit here..you cant sit with this ticket..train manager didn't even look at me..finaly one indian boy picked me up and said - you can sit here and nobody will kick you out....gave me a little space so i can sit.. for 15 hours..so i got in mughal sarai at nine in evening..it is a small place in the middle of nothing.. still need to get to varanasi..and that on the eve before holy (if you know what holy means..uh..).went to information office and said - i am girl i am alone and i am scared - and i need to get to varanasi..phuh,there was a train to varanasi leaving in 5 min..luck!got to varanasi..called yogi louge and they sent an indian boy on the bike to pick me up,how cool!!...stayed there with 2 fine policemen waiting ..tired but happy to be almoust at the end of my long journey from pushkar to varanasi.. varanasi.. varanasi is very different from all the places in india i've been to.. and it was a holi festival..the very crazy featival in india in very crazy city of india..could not resist to stay in...went out in the afternoon and belive me or not it was so fine and fun..loved the atmosphere..went to the ghats..i think i was lucky and i had such a good tome at the holy..went out in the evening againg with some german guy looking for sime fine street food.. fun fun! ..when we got lost after..walked aroung in the cirkle for about an hour..but we got back fine..it was one great day..!..happy holy!! love varanasi..spend a day out.. and we went to ghats for evening pujah..amaizing..very colorfull.. beauty next to the dark side of india..this is varanasi.. went to the burning ghat too..its a Lords Shivas fire..so very powerfull..religion says that lords shivas wife was burned in this fire 3500 years ago..and it is still burning..people from all over india come to varanasi to die and be burned in this fire..200 hundred bodies get burned every day.. it is so powerful just to stand there.. i didnt go to close..i dont think i can do it.. it is holies city for hindi in the world.. i claimed to be the oldest city in the world.. we also put a flower-candle in the sacred ganga..and went for the fine street food again..love it! and we are going for the boat ride for the sunrise tomorrow with one old boat man we've met today.. dark and beautiful varanasi.. my last stop in india this time..

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