paradise lost...Rajasthan bound

  • 1 min lasīšanai
a bit of a trouble on the way to..but.. left my beautiful gokarna and rock namaste after shivaratri festival..had an amaizing time over there..met this crazy spanish guy who took us to shivas was sad to leave..but i could here north is calling emailed me - hey, where are you? so i went..and it was hard..the whole jorney was really weird..i thought may be i was doing the wrong thing going up north,because it was so dificult...wasn't feeling so great to hot in the south for me.. got to margao in goa, didn't get a ticket in sleeper to bombay,but only bombay to jaipur..ASAP!so went on sitter to bombay - hard but not impossible..indian people do it all the time..(its a long and funny its funny).there where so many peole that i couldn't move for about 8 hours at all. waited in bombay at bandra terminus (if you know what is bandra..)for 15 hours..a bit tired.. evening - to ajmer - bus to pushkar..and here i am..watching sunset at the holy lake with my backpack..happy happy.. and it is beautiful here..the town itself have to see is very light iand bright...very dance festivals every day...beautiful temples..there are so many buildings here in the norht..the whole town is like one huge temple..connected with gates ,beautiful arches..very colorfull.. ran in to kim jen & eneco very next was great moment! missed my arambol family though,they went to jaipur..also went on a camel ride for the sunset in the desert..and i had a guide with e..this little 11 y.o. indian sweet and smart..had an amaizing time..and the oter kashmiri boy made a beautiful rap for my amber..cause i broke the hook..for just 20 Rs.. well next stop would be agra and then varanasi..sometimes soon..

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