One of the best places in the world where i have ever been

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Croatia is a land of color...electric orange to hot pink sunrises...spectacular rainbows...white-sand beaches with clear, blue water...colorful fish...beautiful coral reefs...sensational flowers, vegetation and trees...exotic wildlife and rare, spectacular birds...bright, colorful clothing...lush, delicious, vibrant music...diverse cultural backgrounds and ancestry...all blending into one fascinating country. So many beautiful places. People are so atractive and outgoing. All what i rember from there is big smiles and the best of them is that they alll are so helpful and really rare persons, they care about you so much! Here is nice landscapes of Zadar, Croatia. The water was so pretty and so blue, I just wanted to stay there forever… but we had to carry on our way, in search of a place to spend the night. From the capital to the coast, Croatia is full of history, culture and remarkable scenery of islands, rocky cliffs, crystal water and stone towns. We'll take you on a trip that captures the best sights, the best beaches and the best islands- it's the Best of Croatia. From Zagreb, we say good-bye to the big cities and head to the coast. With 1185 islands to choose from, we visit 3 of the most interesting. The ruins on the coast are remnants of the Roman Empire and there is no better testament to their legacy than Diocletian's Palace. There is time to snorkel, bike ride, hike, go wine tasting, swim in the clear blue water, explore the stone towns and enjoy the view before we head to exquisite Dubrovnik- truly Croatia's Pearl. Central Dalmatia is a superb base for some of the best sights on the Croatian coast. This is a relaxed week exploring some very different landscapes - stunning coastal scenery comprising vineyards, olive groves, secluded islands and the vibrant historical cities of Split and Dubrovnik. Plus there's plenty of opportunity to mix with and learn from the locals. Experience the Dalmatian Coast and discover the heart of Croatia. i wish taht i will go back there - that hot weather.. wonderfull water.. Oh my God there was so excited. I guess if i had one more chance i will go there back to visit my new friends there. I think i have fallen in love of Hrvatska! But in summer seasosn there is a little expensive (if we are calculating). What else i can say about that all. In real ican write a book about my trip to Hrvatska, because the most amazingly situation were that we get back ( i mean arrived to Latvia) with 5 buses! Do you know what it means???? From Croatia to Hungary we went with 2(!?) buses then from Hungary to Slovakia we went with one bus then we change one and arrived to Latvia with other-one. Some of persons went to home with car (how I). Anyway it was my the best trip on holidays! Hope that next time i could stay there more than 1/2 month. I wish that You all (who read my presentment) have a chance to go there and enjoy all Croatia's Prodigy!

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