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Not really a trip, as this is already my year long trip here! I love the country! Not because you get better money for your work, which all the immigrants are happy about - but because of my friends, people, and of course - kitesurfing! Dirty salty water, messed up beach, nackers(word for irish drug addicts, alcoholics and other skummbags) everywhere, cars stuck in a massive pile of seaweed which disastrously smells all over the place - this is my home, and this is my favourite beach - Dollymount on Isla del Torro or Bull Island. It's located in the centre of Dublin, beach in the city, and is the largest attraction of the kitesurfers in the capital. 30 knot winds in Autumn, 20 knots in the other times of the year. Gusty as hell, but, hey, that's whre the fun is! If you don't struggle - you don't have any fun at all. Frencies are everywhere. You can hear Francois as far as you can see his Puremagic van -a kitesurfing school. With the crew of his evil twin and other French gang. Fancy ballerina - Pierce is throwing kiteloops and is spinning around his bar every few seconds, making craziest noises ever - makes you feel like your in the zoo ballet! As for the Polish, and no offence, they don't really want to listen to anyone, and often get rescued. Irish of all breed and sizes, with different kites, cars and girlfirens (some kitesurfing, some taking pictures, some working as caddies - but always involved!) Myself running down the beach with camera, for a few moments, then dumbing it somewhere, sometimes unsafe and getting into the water with guys! Jumping the waves and putting up eith the swell! Usually sessions end up with huge parties in pubs and French houses! Which results in turning up late for Competitions and early-morning swells! That's Dublin! But hey! There are places like Cork, Tramore in Waterford, Curracloe in Wexford, Belmullet in Mayo - kitesurfing Mecca in Ireland, and hundreds of other beches, which I still haven't seen! Loadz of places to have funb at! And you always can get the wind somewhere, just have to travel a bit! Now Belmullet is the coolest place, after home Dub. A lovely clean flat lagoon on the one side of the dune and huge waves in the crystal clear sea on the other side! You don't even need to put the kite down to get from one place to another! And the wind is always there! If there is no wind in Belmullet - there's no wind in a whole world! During the Competition Tour BKSA (British Kitesurfing Assocoation) wanted to get the final together with IKSA (Irish Kitesurfing Association). So we got everyone together in Co Kerry! They were sooo excited, they said they wanted to come back. Although there was no wind! But hey! What a party! That's the Irish spirit! And when the wind and the waves appeared, they didn't want to leave! Now, I have to say, British - are not much of the fun! From all the crazieness and fun, and water and air - I have to say I'm in love with Ireland. Most of teh people that come here are so attracted to these place - they don't know why though! Even when I go to Latvia, which seems to be my home, I call someone in Dub and tell them how I long for home - for Dub! Come here and see yourself! I bet you will remember this for a long time! And come and kite with us! If you're not afraid of the cold offcourse ;) Links: - Irish Kitesurfing Crew - IKSA website - Francois's crazy fremch kitesurfing school - Morgan's progressive kitesurfing courses - Irish best kitesurfing photographers Photos to follow...

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