Anybody visiting Istanbul this summer?

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Hi, Anybody visiting Istanbul this summer? All friends from this site are welcome to Istanbul. If you`re looking for both fun, enjoy, rest and cultural learning, you should visit Istanbul. WHY ISTANBUL ? Istanbul... a beauty and a legend! One of the largest, livelist and most exciting cities in the world awaits you, too! With the Bosphorus sea-strait flowing along its heart, Istanbul is literally located at where two continents meet; and both Asia and Europe add their distinct flavors to the texture of the city. Economically and culturally, it is the pulsating hub of an extensive map, where Central Asia, East Europe, Balkans, the Caucasus, Middle East and North Africa converge. Istanbul… The main reason of Istanbul’s being a very popular city for which wars are made, lives are lost is its geographical location… Its west part is in Europe and east part is in Asia. The important waterline dividing Istanbul into two is the Bosphorus… Istanbul is both the nearest Asian city to Europe and the nearest European city to Asia. What adds to Istanbul’s significance is its being a port city and all trade paths’ passing through the city for thousands of years… Another important feature of Istanbul is that it has a highly sheltered structure. Especially the center which is presently called as the “historical peninsula”, which was made capital city by both Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and its being located on a hill surrounded by three seas made it almost impossible to be conquered… Indeed, Haliç had the quality of being an unparalleled harbour sheltering navy fleets. For finding either suppliers or buyers, and as an eminent shopping city for the region, Istanbul is the indispensable business center for the developing markets. A vibrant population of about 15 million makes Istanbul the largest city of Turkey as well as the region. Hence Istanbul, by itself, is a large market for the cosmetics and the beauty industries, and also home to a countless number of companies in these sectors. Naturally, many foreign companies are well aware of Istanbul`s advantages and maintain liason offices in the city either to buy from or to sell to the region. Today Istanbul is a huge metropolis connecting continents, cultures, religions and being home to eleven million people; and one of the greatest business and cultural center of the region… I`d be happy of meeting with new people and helping them in their travel.. Feel free to ask everything about Istanbul! MSN or Email:

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